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Have you ever wondered where to safely rest your eyeglass during intermittent use?

Wonder no more. These Pineapple Eyeglass Holders are sturdy, light, and so functional.

Handpainted with acrylic paint and coated with a glossy sealant, the Holders are conversation pieces at your next group meet!


Pineapple Eyeglass Holders

  • 100% Vegetable-Tanned Leather. Light and durable.


    Pineapple is approximately 1 7/8" tall, 7/8" wide, 1/8" thick.

    The back is unpainted natural leather.


    Leather cord is adjustable from 18" to 30".


    Handcrafted in the East Bay, California.


    Note: Leather is a natural material with imperfections and markings. Irregularities only add to the character of genuine leather. To preserve its beauty, protect your accessory from exposure to moisture, direct sunlight and heat.


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